Do Abominations to God Ever Change?


[NOTE: Before reading this article, you need to first read Are the Feasts and Sabbath of the Old Testament Applicable to New Testament Believers? and Hebrew Roots of the Faith. What Does Lawlessness Mean in the New Testament? would also be helpful before reading this article.]

Since we’ve talked on this web site about the Feasts and whether or not the Old Testament is applicable to believers today, we thought this excerpt from the 700 Club might be of interest and give some help with the perspective discussed on this site, which is really not a salvation issue, but an obedience one. Yes, we are saved by grace, but that isn’t “all she wrote!” We are then called to a lifestyle of obedience to the Word.


We think one of the major things that “throws” most New Testament believers is a page in the Bible God did not author, but man inserted; it says, “The New Testament.” According to the Hebrew language, the word testament isn’t even IN the “Old Testament.” That word is covenant. That’s why believers who understand the Hebraic roots of our faith don’t use the words “Old Testament” or “New Testament.” This understanding shows so clearly from Scripture that what we call “New” is actually a renewing of the “old covenant.” In regard to God’s Feasts, if He authored it, and said it’s a “perpetual covenant throughout ALL your generations,” and, as we’ve talked about, we’ve been grafted into the Hebrew vine, (Romans 11:11-24, notice, “their own olive tree”; Ephesians 2: 11-12*; See Hebrew Roots of the Faith) then it’s an obedience issue for us to follow this covenant; we’ve just been ignorant of it.


We transcribed this from the 700 Club. This came from a news story they did on homosexuals in first the Church of England and then in the Episcopal Church in the U.S in 2004.


Lee Webb, CBN News:


“The head of the Episcopal church in Washington, D. C. says the Bible’s condemnation of homosexuality is outdated. Bishop John Chane says that passages condemning homosexuality are found in the Old Testament and that’s been replaced by the love of Jesus found in the gospel. Chane considers Paul’s teaching in the New Testament as “an early theology of the church which, in fact, is in the process of changing.” Pat?

Pat Robertson:


 I would remind the “dear bishop” of the words of Jesus Christ who said, “Not one jot or one tittle of the law will be removed until all things are fulfilled.” Well, you say the cross fulfilled them all, but I’m just not sure that anything that God says is an abomination in the Old Testament becomes something pleasant and loving in the New Testament. There’s a fundamental error in this thinking, in my opinion.” (end of 700 Club)


Would most Bible believing Christians say that God’s instructions (His Torah) are outmoded in this instance? If God’s instructions are outdated in other ways, why not here? We believe that we are either consistent in what we believe or we’re not. Do we really believe the whole counsel of God’s Word or will we be like these homosexuals and confused “priests” who pick and choose what they will believe from the Word? After all, they say they “have the love of Jesus (Y’shua) found in the gospels” and so the Old Testament passages are “outdated,” right? Wrong! And we feel similarly so is the thinking of the majority of the “church” in regard to God’s instructions in the Old Covenant. YHWH even told us He felt consistently about what He’d said when He put in Malachi, the last book in the Christian’s Old Covenant, “I am the Lord God, who changes not” (Mal. 3:6) and then He said it again in Hebrews, toward the end of the Renewed Covenant, “Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today and yes, forever.” So it seems that WE are the ones who think God had a lobotomy and switched personalities on the page that says, “The New Testament” which, again, men put in the Bible, not God.


This wrong conception of the Word has led us to misinterpret and misrepresent the Word of God and use it as a license to sin – a license to do other than what He put in His complete Word, a license to sin just as the men in the story above have done. Our sins are not as “grave” in our eyes are homosexuality, but unfortunately, many of our sins YHWH calls an abomination unto Him, just like He said He views homosexuality.  So, if we say we only need Y’shua, when Y’shua Himself said if we loved Him we’d keep His commandments, then we are mistaken.  (He has to be referring to the Old Covenant since there was no written Renewed Covenant at the time He said this. See What Does Lawlessness Mean in the New Testament?)


Y’shua also said that He obeyed His Father and only did what His Father said to do and say. Indeed, Y’shua is called “the Word” in John 1, which is synonymous with Torah! (Isaiah 1:10; Torah = God’s instructions, which have been mistranslated as “law.”) As most Bible scholars agree, it was Y’shua who spoke the words of creation; it was Y’shua who gave the Torah, the instructions of God! The Holy Spirit, the Torah and the Son can only testify to the same thing –one truth! If they are one, can the Son have come to change anything which He set forever? No! Because if He did, there would no longer be unity and the Father, Son, Holy Spirit and Word/Torah would no longer be one. (Deuteronomy 6:4; one = echad – a unity. When Adam and Eve became “one” they were “echad;” when the grapes were brought out of the Promised Land on a pole the grapes were “echad,” one cluster of grapes.)


We hope this helps you understand. Just like the last “wave” of God was about restoring the Baptism of the Holy Spirit to the believers in Messiah, this new wave the Spirit is bringing is about restoring the Feasts of Yahweh Elohim to those who have believed in Messiah, because His Feasts are a part of our heritage which we had lost, just like we’d lost understanding of the HSB. (Holy Spirit Baptism)


Where were you 10 years ago? 15 years ago? Still in a denominational church? When you were there didn’t you think you had all the truth? But once you get the HSB you think, “Wow! How could I have been so wrong? How could I have missed this before?” But now, you “get it.” It’s just so obvious, right? Couldn’t that be the case here, too? Couldn’t this be the truth that you just haven’t seen yet?


The best comparison we can think of would be our past peace process with the Russians. We expected them to keep their word (which is a Biblical principle upon which our society is based) and to want peace, like we do, not understanding their perspective. They didn't want what we wanted and never would as long as they held to an ideology differnent from one based upon the Bible. We could talk and talk for peace, sign agreements, etc., but we could never understand what was happening with them until we began to understand HOW THEY THOUGHT. We couldn't expect them to work from our viewpoint when they didn’t HAVE our viewpoint! Their viewpoint was based upon what benefited 
"Mother Russia" and if that changed from the time they signed an agreement, as far as they were concerned, the agreement was no longer in effect.


It’s such a change for us as American Christians to realize that we need to look at the Word with the perspective of the men who wrote it in order to really understand what they put on the page, and that the writers of the Bible were not like us, but Middle Eastern Hebrews with their traditions, history and viewpoint.


Once you see this, it’s so amazing! The only comparison we have for a reference point is the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. If you think you got a new Bible when you got that, just wait!! This is like 20+ times that! Understanding this so clearly reveals the plan of God from beginning to end with a clarity and understanding never seen before, AND it revolutionizes ones understanding of God’s character and gives the unwavering trust in Him we’ve always known was possible but had never experienced.


We hope you will earnestly take a look at all of this. Get your Bible out, go through the articles with your Bible open and check to see if what is written here isn’t right there on the pages of your Bible! Truth will hold up to scrutiny, so scrutinize away! Once you do, and the Holy Spirit leads you and guides you into this truth, you will be amazed at what’s on the page that we’ve just never “seen” before!!



* the first two chapters of the book of Ephesians are about the rejoining of the two houses of Judah and Israel as clearly shown in Ezekiel 37. It’s so amazing when you see that THIS IS THE OVERALL STORY OF THE ENTIRE BIBLE!