It is our belief that most Christians would agree that the 10 Commandments are still viable today. However, we propose that most Christians really only believe in 9 Commandments as viable for today.

All agree that no one should commit murder or adultery or steal; most agree that lying (false witness), stealing, and taking God's name in vain are bad ideas. As well as agreeing that honoring parents is good, not making idols is viable as well as not putting other things (gods) before our love and service of Yahweh (God's name).

However, most Christians also regularly practice ignoring the one commandment not yet mentioned: keeping Yahweh's Sabbath: the day HE set up to worship Himself; the seventh day of the week. No where did He ordain the first day of the week as the day set apart (holy) to worship Him.

As Christians, we also grew up with keeping Sunday as "the sabbath," but when examining Scripture in order to learn to walk as our Saviour did, we could find no place in Scripture where He kept Sunday as the Sabbath, or condoned doing so, nor could we find where the disciples did so, or said God allowed them to change it. (How could they change it when God says He never changes?)

When questioned on this we regularly hear Christians say, "Well, God knows my heart and He understands that I'm worshipping Him on Sunday."

Let us pose this question to you: do you think it would be okay with God if we committed adultery with someone other than our spouse but said, "Well, it's okay because I'll be thinking of my spouse the whole time"?

Hopefully, you find this shocking; it's supposed to be! Because when we keep another day and call it God's day, that's exactly what we are doing in God's eyes: superimposing our ideas over what God has written in His word.

Perhaps it's time to rethink this practice and begin to "walk as He walked." (1 John 2:6)