Free From the “Law”


Many times we’ve heard Christian’s say, I’m free from the law. The “law” really means God’s teaching and instructions, in Hebrew, the torah, not the legal system of weight and balances, as we’ve been told.


However, the same Christians who make this statement will boldly tell you that the following things are wrong behaviour:




Touching God’s Anointed



Worshipping other gods than Yahweh (God’s name in the Bible)

Taking God’s name in vain


One who interprets omens,

One who casts a spell

A medium

A spiritist

One who calls up the dead

False witness


Instructions against these things are not found in the New Testament, so where does this immovable conviction in the hearts of Christians come from? The TORAH; the OLD Testament!


Other items that Christians believe and immovably stand upon that are not in the New Testament:

Have no other Gods before Yahweh (the name of the God of the Bible)

Keep your word

Quarantine of infectious disease

Unjust weights and measures (same price for the same thing to each person)

Prophets must be accurate every time

2-3 witnesses to establish a matter in court

Keeping human waste away from everything else


And the biggest one of all, one that every preacher will loudly proclaim:



This is not found anywhere in the New Testament; it is an Old Testament commandment, yet every preacher who says they and their congregations are “free from the law” doesn’t toss this one out with the rest of the commandments they distain and don’t obey!


These strongly held beliefs of Christianity and the very words Christians speak on these subjects proclaim the validity of the torah, the teaching and instructions of God, for today. Therefore, there is no way we have been made “free from the law.” What we were freed from was the ultimate penalty (curse) of the law – separation from God - HELL.