Christians usually state that they believe that stealing, lying, and adultery are wrong. Most also believe that abortion & homosexuality are also wrong. Where does the information for these conclusions come from that causes them to be inflexible on these issues? The first 3 come from the 10 Commandments, the last 2 come from Leviticus 18:21-22; Psalm 106:38; Proverbs 1:19; 6:16-17; 24:11; 28:17; Romans 1:18-32.

All of these come from one source: the torah, the teaching and instructions of YHWH (God's name) which are found in the first 5 books of the Bible penned by Moses. The very books that the "church" tells us we've been exempted from by Y'shua's (Jesus) death.

We'd like to propose a rather startling idea for some of you and that is of Christian hyprocrisy. The Bible tells us that YHWH's word is eternal and doesn't fail (Isaiah 40:8; Psalm 119:160) and that YHWH doesn't change His mind (Malachi 3:6; Hebrews 13:8). Yet Christians go throughout life treating YHWH's Word like a smorgasbord, choosing the parts they like and leaving behind what they don't.

What type of message does this send to the world? Why are we surprised when the world picks and chooses what they will obey when we do the exact same thing to God? The world is watching and emulating us; we just don't recognize the image in the mirror as our own.

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